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"Showing the world how far you can go in a pair of green shoes."

Go Green

​Welcome to the website of Emanuel Green. He is an actor, spokesperson, and music artist. He was dubbed "The Man in the Green Shoes" after an internship at Capitol Records where he wore green shoes to work everyday. He was remembered for his outgoing personality and willingness to walk into executive offices. He made such a lasting impression, on his last day all his co-workers came to work dressed in green.


He made his initial mark in the music industry at 17 years old when he signed his first distribution deal. Since then he decided to take some time to figure out his path in the entertainment industry walking away from deals and people that no longer fit the vision. He decided to get involved with commercials and print work to get started again. He is now taking his talents into tv/film as he starts to stretch his abilities.


He is an advocate for foster kids not growing up to be a product of the system. He was adopted at a very young age along with his older brother. He uses his talents in his music, acting, and business ventures. His mission is to Elevate, Educate, Entertain, and Motivate through the promotion of innovative products and the creative communication of worthy ideals.

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